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It’s hard to get bored taking photos in Pioneer Square. I even like the “ship’s prow” parking structure, which affords a great view of nearby historic buildings from its top deck.

Some of Seattle’s new buildings are pretty striking, but a few of them seem to come up short in terms of functionality. The new library’s entrance doesn’t work so well: If you have to place a sign in front of the door so people can find it, that’s a design error, in my opinion.

The demolition of Occidental Park makes no sense to me. As I understand it, the rationale for removing the shade trees and the cobblestone pavers was to facilitate the placement of vendors and, in turn, somehow make homeless people disappear.  Where are they supposed to go – there’s two shelters right there in the neighborhood?

The photo of Edith Macefield’s now famous home in Ballard were taken in 2004 and 2008.

Photos by Barney Burke

Demolition of Occidental Park, 2006

The clever design of the ship’s prow parking structure isn’t appreciated by everyone

Seattle’s new main library (left) and the Experience Music Project

Edith Macefield moved into this home in Ballard in 1966. She became famous in 2007 when she refused to sell to the adjacent development, turning down a $1 million offer. Nearby Mike’s Chili didn’t sell out either. She died on June 15, 2008, but Mike’s is still going strong.

The Seattle Art Museum’s Sculpture Park

OK, here’s the obligatory photo of Seattle’s waterfront at night....

The best light for taking photographs is in the late afternoon...

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The Pioneer Building