Port Ludlow Postcards


I collect historic postcards, especially “real photo postcards” or RPPCs. Here’s several early photos of Port Ludlow, Wash., a lumber mill town founded in the 19th Century that’s now a master-planned resort community. Every building you see here is gone, but if you go to Port Ludlow today, you’ll find a totem pole telling its history. The totem pole is at “Burner Point,” where the large burner with the round top is visible in these photos. You can read more about Port Ludlow’s history in the book “Tide, Time, and Timber.”

Historic Postcards

Port Ludlow mill (Burner Point is to the right)

Aerial view of Port Ludlow mill (note log rafts at left)

Office of the Puget Mill Co., Port Ludlow

The Admiralty Hotel’s front doors swung open in a nautical fashion

Port Ludlow mill (Burner Point is to the left)

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Puget Mill Company hall and school house, Port Ludlow - thanks to local historian Tom Camfield