A few scenes from Mother Nature


Photos by Barney Burke

You don’t have to go on an African safari to get a great nature photo.

The pollen-coated frog above was photographed in Chimacum, Wash. The squirrel was bagged in Seattle.

People don’t believe me when I tell ‘em the worms in my compost bins grow to 10 inches or more, but here’s “The King Worm.” My compost was awarded a blue ribbon at the county fair in 2007.

Further down this page are photos of Mount Rainier, Mount Shasta, and two of my favorite lakes: Crater Lake and Mono Lake. For many years, Mono Lake was drained by the City of Los Angeles, exposing the tufa formations that rise from the bottom of the lake.

The last photo is from a two-day hike to Glacier Meadows in Olympic National Park in 2006 (elevation gain: 1,642 feet).

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A squirrel enjoys a snack

Composting requires good-sized worms, as exemplified by this 10-incher, aka the “King Worm”



Abalone shell

Mount Rainier

Mount Shasta

Crater Lake

Some tufas at Mono Lake

One of the peaks on Mount Olympus, as seen during a two-day, 35-mile hike in 2006