Many of these photos were taken at Centrum events in Port Townsend or at The Upstage in Port Townsend. Robert Jr. Lockwood played here shortly before his death; he was the only person to learn the guitar from blues pioneer Robert Johnson. David “Honeyboy” Edwards, shown here at Centrum’s Bluesfest, also performed with Johnson. Blues legend Carrie Bell died about a year after this photo.

Hannes Coetzee is the South African guitar player who accompanies himself with a spoon (also see next page of this website and youtube).

Warren Zevon was photographed in the 1980s in San Francisco - best performance I’ve ever seen. And Johnny Winter - shown here at The Upstage - played “like a god,” one woman said.

Photos by Barney Burke

Phil Wiggins

Regina Carter

John Lee Hooker, Jr.

Janiva Magness

Bond Street Harp Band

Robert Jr. Lockwood

Carrie (left) and Lurie Bell

Ricky Woodard

Christian McBride

David Honeyboy Edwards

Johnny Winter

Terry “Harmonica” Bean

Hannes Coetzee

Warren Zevon

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