Go Bears!


Fiat lux (let there be light) is the motto of the University of California at Berkeley.

There’s so much granite and marble in Cal’s buildings that black & white is sometimes the best way to process these images.

The Campanile, by the way, houses bones and other artifacts for the paleontology museum. Unfortunately, the old Campanile elevator cab that had a window has been replaced, so you can no longer catch a glimpse of the bones while riding in it. Nonetheless, the view from the top is worth it.

Photos by Barney Burke

The Campanile’s carillon, seen from the observation level

Reading room, Doe Library, following removal of drop ceiling and fluorescent lighting, at last

Doe Library

Wheeler Hall

The pelican has always been my favorite sculpture at Cal

Railing of the Campanile (left) and Doe Library

Doe Library, facade detail

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